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Ghost Busting & Attachment Removal
Removing unwanted ghosts by getting them to crossover. Clearing the home of dense energy and going over instructions for the homeowner. Attachments are things that can be on found on furniture, or anything that is decorative in nature to the house, clothing. They are usually items that have been purchased in estate sales, antique shops, even thrift shop type items. Attachments can act similar to ghost activity. Ghost busting & Attachment removal can take minimum of 2 1/2 hours.
Per Hour: $180.00 for jobs within St. Paul/Mpls
Per Hour: $190.00 for jobs outside of St. Paul/Mpls area.
Estimates for extreme jobs or over 3 hours.

Space Clearing
Removing dense energy and going over instructions for the homeowner. These are sold in three hour packages because when you move energy you are removing layers. This is meant to get a gage on the property with three visits. When you go to the online scheduler that's how you will see it priced. If you want an individual visit you can be invoiced that way by emailing at
Per Hour: $126 for jobs within St. Paul/Mpls

Property Distance Healing (30 Days)
Removing dense trauma energy from the property. Pictures of the property are required for the property healing. Distance healing energy will be sent to the property for 30 days. Emails or calls are done daily to gage the progress of the layers of energy being removed and determine the positive changes to the property. If another 30 days of Distance healing is needed, it will be determined at the end of that 30 days.
Per Hour: $126 for jobs within St. Paul/Mpls

8 Directions School of Feng Shui
Japanese development of the traditional Chinese compass based feng shui. A Compass is used to orientate the eight directions over your home's floor plan. Based on the Magic Square. This is sold in six hour packages/3 visits. Your are making changes to the energy to your home or office or business when you move energy like this it is moving it in layers. Individual visits can be invoiced by email.
$270 / hr St. Paul/Mpls
Add'l mileage for areas outside.

Private Consults on Property
Look at properties for Residential /Commercial Uses to make sure they are supportive of the Buyers intent. Email me if you would like to purchase this service.
$135 / hr. St. Paul/Mpls
Add'l mileage for areas outside.

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