Private Readings MN, USA

Spiritual readings to help see a situation more clearly and make positive changes in their lives.
Private Sessions — 15 min: $30 / 30 min: $60 / 45 min: $90 / 60 min: $120

Phone Readings MN, USA
To make an appointment for a Phone Reading, visit our Online appointment scheduler
OR call 651-793-9660.

Phone readings are pre-paid. On the day of the reading it is the individual's responsibility to call at the appointed time for the reading. If for any reason the client needs to cancel, another time will be rescheduled for the appointment. Should the individual not call to cancel in advance and does not contact the reader within 48 hours, any amounts prepaid are forfeited since the reader reserved the appointed time and could not book another client in the individual's absence.
Phone Readings
15 min: $30 / 30 min. $60 / 45 min. $90 / 60 min. $120

After Hours Phone Readings:
15 min: $45 / 30 min: $90 / 45 min: $145 / 60 min: $150

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Serving Minneapolis / St. Paul MN and the surrounding area.