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Soul Healing
This healing type is multidimensional and can go from 1-4 hrs. This is a new healing that I have created for my clients. It clears the soul of past life, parallel life attachments, blocks and cuts cords that are preventing growth. It frees the soul so it can heal and progress on it's journey of spiritual growth. (This type of healing a heavy duty healing for the soul, there is no additional charge if this healing has to be done a second time). 
Soul Healing: $200
Energy Healing
Channeling healing energy to you body, mind and spirit for your higher good. You can also specify areas that need healing. This includes aura clearing, chakra balancing, cord removal.
30 minute session: $89 / 60 minute session: $161
Aura Clearing
Removing dense energy that can become trapped in your aura from stress, dealing with negative situations.
Chakra Balancing
There are 7 major energy centers, known as chakras. Each chakra represents a physical, emotional and mental aspect of your body.
Cord Removal
Removing cords that have become attached to us from past relationships or to people that are not for our highest good.
Stress Reduction Session
Identifying and Managing your stress. Relaxation & Stress Reduction.
30 min $60 / 60 min $120
Hypnotherapy Session
First Initial session is 60 min. This can be used to focus on any area of your life you wish to make changes. Weight management, smoking, self-esteem, etc. The following sessions are 30 min.
30 min $60 / 60 min $120 (Initial Session)
Guided Meditation Session
Meditation can be used to focus on any area of your life you wish to make changes.
30 min $60 / 60 min $120
Group Guided Meditation Session
Same as Guided Meditation Session. Offering benefits for groups at a reduced price.
4 people min. 30 min $40 each.
Distance Healing
Healing Energy sent with the person's permission. It is energy that is sent to recipient to help them heal physical or other issues in their life. This energy is God energy (Universal energy). You will be notified when the healing energy is sent. This energy feels different for each person. It is sent to help heal.
30 min Sessions $75 / 60 min Session $150.00
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