Raven Hawke, LLC - Minnesota, USA

HELPOur focus is "Spiritual Growth for Positive Change." The name Raven Hawke comes from Penny’s animal totems. The Raven is about healing and the Hawk represents vision to help people become the best they can be. This involves moving energy in people's lives so that they can move forward. Sometimes this comes in the form of healing with energy work, space clearing, feng shui or sending healing energy to a property that has become stagnant or has had trauma happen on it; other times it comes from helping a spirit to cross over.

Raven Hawke is about empowering people to take back control of their lives and not become a victim to life. Healings help remove energy blocks in the body, whether it be from present or past life traumas. Distant healing is moving the energy in that person's life so they are able to heal on an energetic level. This can also be done remotely on properties, which are an extension of that person.

Readings are another way to move energy in a person's life and can provide an unbiased look at problems by giving you a different perspective.

Raven Hawke recognizes that everything is energy and sometimes space clearing or balancing chakras in the body are needed to help a person get through blocks in their life. Our homes are sacred spaces, they are an extension of who we are spiritually. Our personal environment needs cleansing from time to time to release negative energy that we are releasing from our life or the bodies from past residents of the home or property. Distant property clearings are now available for 30 days to help remove the stagnant energy layers that might have accumulated.

Raven Hawke's goal is “Spiritual Growth for Positive Change." Only the individual can decide what that means to them. Everyone has gifts to offer the World. Only the individual knows what resonates true for them. The intention is that it should only be for their highest good.

Raven Hawke also helps people celebrate more joyous occasions like Halloween, company parties, birthdays, Women's Night Out, bridal showers, wedding receptions, graduation parties, block parties, or any celebrations that you can imagine. We are committed to providing a positive environment for its clients. We offer classes & workshops. There is a monthly blog on the site.

Parties can include palmistry, tarot, angel or psychic readings or mini presentations on metaphysical topics. If you prefer more of one than another, that can be arranged.

Raven Hawke is not to take the place of medical, therapist, financial advisor or legal professionals.*

*Disclaimer: All readings are intended for entertainment purposes only and should not take the place of any medical, legal or financial advice given by qualified professionals. Therefore, Raven Hawke, Llc., Penny Johnson will not accept responsibility for any actions that a client personally takes that are derived from information obtained during a reading. Each client should employ good judgment in utilizing advice given from anyone.
  • For Emergencies please contact the following numbers:
    • 24 Hour Counseling Hotline - 612-379-6363
    • Crisis Intervention - Love Line Crisis Center 612-379-1199
    • Crisis Sexual Offense Services of Ramsey County 651-643-3006
    • Children's Crisis Response / St. Paul Youth Services 651-774-7000
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